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Salute to No Pollute!


Green Schools Committee

Green Schools Committee

In school we’re learning about the environment and also we’re trying to achieve  our first green flag!

We have a green committee that have meetings every two weeks to help us reduce the amount of waste we have in school and increase recycling.

We planted trees in school to bring home. We re-used yoghurt cartons to be our planting pots. We put in compost and horse chestnuts.

This is our green schools slogan

“Salute to no pollute’!’


Front Row left to right : Laura O'Leary, Jasmine Fitton, Emily O'Mahony, Amy McCarthy, Hannah Kelleher

Middle Row left to right: Caitlin Claude Nash, Katelyn Cronin, Amy Coleman, Lauren McCarthy, Caoimhe Long McCarthy, Brooke Creagh Long, Louise Higgins

Back Row left to right: Chloe Maklin, Lucy O'Reilly, Aoife Roddis

I also did my own special part to help the environment . I used my granddad’s old jeans to make a handbag and I also used empty pepper shakers and old material to make a rain catcher. It is a fun activity and best of all, it helps the environment too.

The teachers are a great to help to us learn to recycle in school, which we can also do at home!

Now you know lots of ways to help the environment and we here in Scoil Aiséirí Chríost are

“eager to be greener”!


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