Exploring Pathways to Literacy Through   Arts Activities Summer Camp Project


literacy camp

This year’s literacy summer camp was another huge success for the school and enjoyed by teachers, pupils and parents alike.
Throughout the week in August the children enjoyed a variety of activities including cooking, art, karaoke, scavenger hunt, orienteering, dancing and games. Although the majority of our fun took place at school the girls also stretched their legs and paid a visit to Blackpool where they enjoyed a picnic with their friends and a trip to the library. Here the girls met the librarian and were allowed some time to enjoy the games and books available to them.

Click here to see some pictures of our activities      

firstcommunion First Communion and Confirmation confirmation

The girls of 2nd class will receive First Holy Communion on May 12th 2012. They are busily preparing for this big day at home and at school. As part of the preparation for this big day the children are participating in the "Do this in Memory" programme. They attend a specially prepared liturgy once a month. Our thanks to the parents who helped in the preparation of these liturgies. The first of these liturgies will take place on Saturday September 24th at 6.30 in the Church of the Resurrection, Farranree.

The girls of sixth will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on April 19th 2012. We pray that the Holy Spirit may contiune to be a guide to them.





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